New Numeracy Campaign

National Numeracy is a new, independent organisation, that aims to transform attitudes and achievement in numeracy across the age range. In particular it focuses on those with low levels of numeracy.

National Numeracy wants every person in the UK to reach a level of numeracy that allows them to meet their full potential. Here is a brief summary of the Campaign's key aims:

Becoming functionally numerate
'We believe that everyone can reach a level of functional numeracy appropriate to their daily life and we intend to support all learners, and those working with learners, on the mathematical journey from early number understanding to the equivalent of at least a C grade at GCSE.'

Changing attitudes
'We see changing people's attitudes as a vital element. Maths is not something that you either simply can or cannot do. Maths is challenging and demands persistence in order to progress, whatever level you are working at. Although many, including teachers, do not realise it, in maths, some of the hardest ideas come very early. In order to achieve, learners need to persevere to overcome the challenges that are a part of learning maths for everyone; and they will only do this if they believe that it is possible and important to achieve in maths.'

What research says
'There is a growing body of research into effective numeracy teaching and learning, which we have looked to condense into our Mathematical Journey description. However, for the most part this essential knowledge does not usually find its way outside of the small global community of experts in universities and their scientific research journals. We are looking to provide a Research Overview for all those interested in numeracy teaching and learning.'

Research into practice - and scale
'Nothing is going to change through research alone however. We are therefore putting research into practice, both by running our own projects to deliver direct impact for learners and by supporting projects led by others. We will look to work with educators and policy-makers to scale up approaches that are shown to be effective.'

Working with others
'We have consulted widely in creating National Numeracy and we intend to continue to work collaboratively with all those who have an interest in this vital national issue.'

To find out more about National Numeracy, visit

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