Practice National Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tests

A review of websites offering practice Key Skills/National Adult Literacy and Numeracy Tests

If you're helping learners to prepare for the National Tests in Adult Literacy and/or Numeracy, you may find it helpful to let them try several of the practice tests that are available. Remember that the same test is used for the Adult Literacy/Key Skills Communication and Adult Numeracy/Key Skills Application of Number!  You may also like to create your own tests around the areas that need practising - find out more under 'ItemBank' below.

Currently, sets of tests are available on the following websites:

Move On
Click here
11 practice tests currently available as part of the National Test Toolkit. Also available on a CD ROM, which can be ordered from the Move On website.

Click here 
2 sets are available under "Key Skills practice tests".  These are also on the Move On site.

Click here

2 sets of Key Skills example tests are available

City & Guilds
Click here 
2 sets are available in the Download information for the Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy (same as QCA site, but with answers)

DfES Readwriteplus
Click here

"National Tests" section - practice tests currently not available

Click here

ItemBank is a DfES supported website that allows learners to create their own tests based on a very large bank of questions covering Literacy/Communication, Numeracy/Application of Number and ICT at levels 1 and 2.

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