About us

We provide professional learning and development courses and a range of other programmes for teachers, trainers, learning support assistants and many others involved in post-16 teaching/ training. 

  • We deliver national Functional Skills CPD programmes for the Education and Training Foundation.
  • We're currently working with the Institute of Education at UCL to develop a Post-16 Phonics Toolkit and accompanying national CPD in response to Functional Skills Reform in Entry Level English.
  • We deliver CPD to help you support the development of maths, English and digital skills within T Levels.
  • We support practitioner-led action research. Our national programme this year (for the Education and Training Foundation) focusses on English.
  • We manage PDNorth, the Professional Exchange for the north of England. Professional Exchanges are regional hubs that enable teachers and middle managers to share their knowledge and skills. Supported by the Education and Training Foundation, there are currently over 2500 members of the Exchanges nationally.
  • We're passionate about inclusion. We offer training on equality and diversity. We can also support you to include learners with a range of learning differences.
  •  We offer a range of consultancy, support for research and development services. 

Contact us

To find out more about our programmes and consultancy services, visit our website.

You can email us or call us on 0151 637 3383.

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