Citizen Maths

Citizen Maths

Citizen Maths is a free online course for adults who understand the basics of numeracy, and now want to deepen their grasp of maths, for instance by working to achieve a Level 2 maths qualification, such as functional skills or GCSE Grade 4 or above.

The course includes a series of short instructional videos by two very experienced maths teachers, designed to give learners the feeling that they are in a one-to-one tutorial with a skilled teacher. There are also quizzes and interactive activities. Instead of abstract routines, the course uses practical problems to help you grasp some “powerful ideas” in maths. You can then apply these in work and in life. Citizen Maths covers five such ideas:

  • Proportion
  • Uncertainty
  • Representation
  • Pattern
  • Measurement

Citizen Maths was developed in collaboration between Calderdale College, the UCL Institute of Education and OCR, with funding from the Ufi.

To find out more, visit the Citizen Maths You Tube channel.

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