Embedding Literacy Skills into Assertiveness Training

A group session plan and resources to help embed the core curriculum into Assertiveness training

Assertiveness training is a feature of many learning programmes. The exemplar session plan and materials in the Downloads section on the right may offer some ideas on how such training can be a vehicle for literacy skills development. You will also find some information on the teacher background knowledge required to deliver a session like this, and some ideas on useful resources.

The session plan offers a range of possible learning objectives (curriculum targets) that could be met through the activities, with a focus on Speaking and Listening skills from Entry 2 to Level 2. You may like to use the plan to inform a fully differentiated group session plan that reflects the specific curriculum targets for each of your learners.

The plan could be adapted to support ESOL learners, and could provide a good opportunity to explore cultural norms and idiomatic English! It may also offer some basis for the development of a session on self-advocacy to support learners working within the Pre-entry Milestones/Entry 1.



Barbara Zealley

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