Examples of Workplace LLN Materials Needed

A national resource website for workplace language, literacy and numeracy practitioners is being developed by The Network

'The Network (formerly the Workplace Basic Skills Network) has recently received funding from the DfES to extend the Provider Toolkit website:

a national resource for workplace language, literacy and numeracy practitioners - www.lancs.ac.uk/wbsnet/providertoolkit

As part of this process we are looking for example documents, materials and other resources from workplace LLN projects to be posted on the website and shared with others working in the field. In particular we would be very interested in any of the following:


- teaching and learning materials

- embedded screening / assessment tools

- learning needs surveys

- job/task analyses

- training proposals

- schemes of work

- lesson plans

- individual learning plans

- evaluation forms

- evaluation reports

- organisational needs analysis reports

- marketing plans

- marketing /publicity materials (employer or employee focused)

- case studies

- anything else that you think might be of use to other workplace LLN practitioners


If you are able to submit any resources for consideration, or would just like more information, please contact the project consultant, Dominic Rapley, tel: 07815 755556


NB: Before submitting resources, please read the copyright statement on the website.'

Based at Lancaster University, the Network builds professional capacity in workplace Skills for Life through dissemination of good practice and continuing professional development.

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