Maths Everywhere App

Free to download for Android and Apple phones, the Maths Everywhere App has three different sections offering helpful tools, video tutorials and practice questions to help adults improve their maths skills and become more confident.

The three sections of Maths Everywhere are:

1) Everyday Tools - A range of tools are provided to help people solve the maths problems they encounter every day, like splitting the bill at a restaurant, working out the fuel costs for a journey, calculating childcare costs, converting currencies, increasing or decreasing recipe quantities, figuring out the best discounts and much more.

2) How to Work It Out - Through a series of short video tutorials, the next stage of Maths Everywhere helps users improve their skills so they can confidently solve problems themselves in the future. Users are guided through three different levels of maths challenges.

3) Have a Go - Users can put their new and improved skills to practise, earning a badge for each topic by answering all of the questions correctly. If an incorrect answer is given, users have the option to refer back to the appropriate video tutorial. Once badges for each section and level have been successfully earned, a new 'Challenge' is unlocked. Badges are prominently displayed to help users keep track of their learning.

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