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May and June have been busy months for CoP leads Lou Mycroft and Punam Khosla and for our CoP project administrator Lisa Sidwells. We received a total of 172 applications for 100 places on the CoP strand. Amazing!

Advanced Practitioner cartoon

We are so sorry we have had to disappoint so many applicants, particularly those who applied for constellation A for aspiring APs. Constellation A attracted 59  applications for ten places, indicating a huge appetite for the role. We simply couldn’t take on everyone as much as we would have loved to. We are maintaining a waiting list though as it enables us to demonstrate the demand to the Education and Training Foundation. 

As we go to press, Constellations A (aspiring APs) and C (Amplifying APs) have been welcomed onto the programme, with B (Extending APs) to follow at our Birmingham event later in June. Constellation A is entirely online and we are looking forward to supporting, mentoring and encouraging ten aspiring APs to develop their career portfolios. Browse the slide show below to see what the ten aspiring APs will get up to. 

The Constellation C induction was a blast! 40+ APs met in South London on Friday 14 June to begin working on amplifying practitioner voices in FE. We have a range of activities APs will be working on to promote and share their AP activities including: 

  • Writing in a writing room with lots of peer-to-peer support
  • Developing podcasts
  • Running webinars 
  • Using Instagram and Twitterchat to amplify AP work
  • Carrying out practitioner research 
  • Organising a South or North AP-led conference
  • Mentoring aspiring APs from Constellation A
Mentoring Constellations

After the intensity of the day, projects are now unfolding in virtual spaces with more ease. Follow @APConnectUK for regular updates and #FESpeaks to see how activities are connecting up with other constellations of FE activism.

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