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Focus on #StudyGood Community of Practice

Skills for Life Network

And finally! Our #StudyGood Community of Practice went live on 1st December. The Community of Practice is an innovative element of the #StudyGood programme and it’s based on the experience of our sister project #APConnect, which connects up and amplifies the work of Advanced Practitioners countrywide.

#APConnect has been phenomenally successful but like any creative project, it’s been a learning curve. Over the last two years, we have learned that: 

  • Establishing a digital community takes a huge amount of facilitation at the start. There’s a point at which a critical mass is reached and a digital community ‘catches fire’ but that won’t happen automatically.
  • In the early stages of a project, face to face relationships are vital. We held off launching the Community of Practice until December 1st to allow mentor relationships to become established and cemented.
  • The evidence-informed FAB Model provides an invaluable process for supporting individuals, which grows digital confidence, resilience and self-belief. 

Digital communities are twofold. There’s the ‘safe space’ of our #StudyGood Slack Workspace, where teams from the partner organisations can meet (also with mentors) and share experiences, good practice, solutions. Then there’s broader social media, particularly Twitter but also digital publications such as tesFE, where participants can amplify the work they are doing. Once individuals are engaged, we’ll be working on both.

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