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Focus on #Thinking Environment

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Our sister project #APConnect has been working with Advanced Practitioners across England for two years now and successive evaluations have testified to the power of a #ThinkingEnvironment for positively changing cultures.

thinking environment

Intrigued by this, #StudyGood providers have been taking advantage of the bespoke training module opportunity, to request Thinking Environment workshops. Thinking Environment lead Lou Mycroft has been travelling to Lakes and Myerscough Colleges, both in the north west of England, to train educators and managers in these simple but rigorous processes.

“The Thinking Environment is all about doing your best possible thinking, in order to think well together,” says Lou. “We are always looking for ways to have more impact, and nothing can beat bringing these processes to bear. You bring your own content and we work together as equal thinkers to cut through the hot air of regular conversation and find new and impactful ways of doing things. By ensuring that every voice can be heard, we bring the newness in.”

Lou laughs when she hears people refer to the Thinking Environment as ‘touchy feely’. “Nothing can be further from the truth,” she attests. “In fact, the discipline of the Thinking Environment is challenging to many. It’s definitely not a process that allows you to coast along.” 

For more about the Thinking Environment check out our Creating Spaces to Think e-guide. Please contact Mani Kang if you have any requests for bespoke modules. 

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