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The #StudyGood Team

Maths , English
Skills for Life Network

touchconsulting have brought together experts from across all Further Education’s delivery contexts, to craft a package of support which is both completely up-to-date and informed by reliable evidence.

The Core Team

Our core team is based in Central England. We provide support, encouragement, organisational management and biscuits to the mentor and trainer teams providers will be encountering during their time on the programme.

project people

Joss Kang is touchconsulting’s heart. With a finger on the pulse of FE, she stimulates the team into their best practice every day. Joss has led the design of the four new CPD modules (see below) and you will probably meet her as a module trainer, at your introductory webinar and certainly at the National Conference next March. Joss is also the mastermind behind the ETF’s #APConnect Advanced Practitioners programme and you may know her from her ground-breaking maths and English leadership work in recent years. 

Alison Tanik, Lisa Sidwells and Mani Kang support Joss and the rest of the team back at base, keeping us to time and task, organising events and ensuring that the whole operation runs smoothly. 

project people
project people

If you’re one of the #StudyGood providers, you’ll have encountered the powerhouse that is Punam Khosla already. Punam is project managing the project delivery and you will have had conversations with her as you signed up to the programme. Punam will ensure that the package of support designed for you fully meets the needs of the organisation. You may also meet her as a #StudyGood mentor or trainer and you may know her other work with #APConnect and the PDNorth professional exchange.

Christine Edwards has been busy supporting project set-up; in particular putting together the mentor-faciliated self assessment process which providers have been undertaking in their scoping meeting. Christine is also working as a trainer and mentor with #StudyGood and the organisations she supports will benefit from her extensive experience.

project people

One of the aims of #StudyGood is to link you up with other Study Programme providers, in communities of practice which enrich and bring diversity to your work. Lou Mycroft will be connecting up the #StudyGood providers, in digital networks which are meaningful and refreshingly easy to use. Look out for Lou on Twitter too @loumycroft and as a journalist with TES and InTuition. Lou is pulling together this update and is always happy to hear provider stories.

The Mentor Team

You will probably have already met your mentor, real or virtually, so you will have a sense of their worth and experience in FE. Annmarie Higgins, Colin Forrest, Rosemarie d’Ambrosio Winter, Sally Wootton, Sue Southwood and Mary Conway  are known throughout the sector for their wisdom, tenacity, sector knowledge and great people skills. Whoever is allocated to you, you can be certain that their are on your side and at your side throughout your engagement with #StudyGood.

project people

The Trainer Team

We are currently gathering our trainer team, who will be working with providers on their selected CPD modules: 

  • M1 Curriculum: Co-creating with Employers
  • M2 Work Experience: Developing Learners’ Knowledge, Behaviour and Skills
  • M3 Using Maths/English Confidently in your Vocation (choice of 5 modules)
  • M4 Social Action: Becoming Active Community Members

Each provider is entitled to two modules as part of their core package of support and so far we have had requests for 26 modules. By the time you read this you will have received official confirmation that modules will be taking place on the dates you requested. 

project people

touchconsulting’s approach to training is simple: combining current, cutting edge research, policy and evidence with an effective pedagogy which models Nesta UK’s definition of Good Help:

“Enabling people to be hopeful, identify their own purpose and confidently take action.”

You can expect to be stimulated, informed and enthused by your participation in the CPD modules of your choice. Here  you can see Punam and our core team member Mary Conway polishing the Work Experience module at our recent trainers’ day.

Further Information

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