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Employability Skills

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What are employability skills?

Employability defines the knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour you need to get work, stay in work and do your job well.

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) define employability skills as ‘the skills almost everyone needs to do almost any job’.

Employability skills build up in three layers, starting with a foundation of Positive Approach, which includes: being ready to participate, making suggestions, accepting new ideas and constructive criticism and taking responsibility for outcomes.

This base of Positive Approach supports the functional skills of using numbers, language and ICT effectively. These functional skills are utilised in the context of four Personal Skills:

  • self-management
  • thinking and solving problems
  • working together and communicating
  • understanding the business

How are employability skills taught?

Some aspects of employability skills, such as CV writing and job search, are well known and can be clearly defined and delivered. The other ‘soft skills’ elements are less closely defined, and harder to ‘package up’. They are typically embedded, so that an understanding of the importance of a positive approach, teamwork and self-management are gained within a wider programme.

Where can I find out about accreditation for employability skills?

You can find out about current accreditation from the Register of Regulated Qualifications

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