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New AI in education policy paper

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AI in education policy paper

The Department for Education has published a policy paper setting out its position on the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI), including large language models like ChatGPT or Google Bard, in the education sector.

Key points in the policy paper are:

  • Public access to generative AI poses opportunities and challenges for the education sector.
  • When used appropriately, technology (including generative AI), has the potential to reduce workload across the education sector.
  • Schools, colleges and universities, as well as awarding organisations, need to continue to take reasonable steps where applicable to prevent malpractice involving use of generative AI and other emerging technologies.
  • The education sector must continue to protect its data, resources, staff and pupils, by: not entering personal and sensitive data into generative AI tools; strengthening cyber security, and continuing to protect students from harmful content online.

The DfE also announced further support to ensure schools have a safe, secure and reliable foundation in place before they can consider using more powerful technology, outlined here.

Read more about the use of AI in education here

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