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Government launches EdTech Strategy

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The Government’s Education Technology (EdTech) strategy identifies five areas of opportunity where technology can be used to bring about a step change in education, and has a delivery target date of 2021.

The Government sets out its aim as follows:

‘We will support and enable the education sector in England to help develop and embed technology in a way that cuts workload, fosters effciencies, removes barriers to education and ultimately drives improvements in educational outcomes. In parallel, we will support the development of a vibrant EdTech business sector in the UK to provide proven, high-quality products that meet the needs of educators and foster a pipeline of fresh ideas.’

and identifies the following areas of opportunity:

  • administration processes –  reducing the burden of ‘non-teaching’ tasks.
  • assessment processes – making assessment more effective and effcient
  • teaching practices – supporting access, inclusion, and improved educational outcomes for all
  • continuing professional development – supporting teachers, lecturers andeducation leaders so they can develop more flexibly
  • learning throughout life – supporting decisions about work or further study andhelping those who are not in the formal education system gain new skills.

The strategy document provides a selection of case studies where Technology is currently being used to support these areas, including examples of good practice from the FE sector.

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