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Equipment to Support E-learning

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Several resources that can help make your delivery more interactive

Wireless keyboard and mouse

Rather than using a flip chart to gather ideas, why not invest in a
wireless keyboard and mouse? These can be passed around the room to enable learners to add their comments to, for example, a mind map or
PowerPoint slide. A set containing a wireless keyboeard and mouse will cost you approximately £80, including VAT.

Web cam

Using a web cam can help you easily record video, sound and images to
enhance learning resources such as PowerPoint presentations, or to record evidence of practical skills being used. You can obtain a good quality web cam for approximately £30, including VAT.


How To’ Guides for E-learning

For hints on using e-learning, take a look at the materials developed for the ‘Introducing E-learning’ course featured on the LSDA website. The materials include help with a range of topics, for example, how to add text to PowerPoint slides during a presentation (see the ‘How To Guide – PowerPoint Text Entry Boxes’).

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