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Online and blended delivery in Further Education  

Research , Online Learning
Online and blended delivery in Further Education

The DfE has published a review of research into online and blended learning and assessment, with the aim of identifying techniques that can be used by Further Education teachers.

The findings from the literature review:

  • help the further education sector understand how traditional pedagogic theory is impacted by online or blended delivery
  • identify effective pedagogic approaches and techniques that can be used by FE teachers in online or blended delivery
  • define good quality online and blended teaching and professional development

Key findings

  • The literature suggests that the transition from face-to-face teaching to an online teaching experience involved far more for teachers than just putting
    elements of learning online. It influences how teachers see their role, their professional identity, their beliefs and assumptions about teaching. Peer support,
    creating a community, sharing work and collaborating, enables learning and builds confidence. These wider considerations need to be reflected in the training and development provided.
  • There is a high-level of consensus within the literature on the key components of effective professional development for digitally enhanced learning practitioners.
  • A large majority of the teachers surveyed by Jisc reported that they received good support from their organisations to develop basic IT skills (Jisc 2020b).
    Fewer, however, felt they had received guidance about the specific digital skills needed for their job or reported having time to explore new digital tools and
  • The review found little evidence in the literature of training / CPD specifically focused on issues to do with online assessment. There is some indication that
    where it exists it is provided by commercial organisations or awarding bodies.

Further Information

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