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FE teachers need more time to develop their digital skills

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FE teachers need more opportunities to develop their digital skills

A newly published survey by Jisc shows that most FE Teachers feel they don’t have enough opportunities to develop their digital skills, and less than 15 per cent say they have time and support to innovate using digital technologies.

Just 14 per cent of teaching staff in further education say they receive recognition for developing digital skills, and only a third say they receive guidance about the digital skills they are expected to have.

Key findings from the survey include:

  • For support in using digital technologies, teaching staff say they rely most on their teaching colleagues (55%), online videos and resources (27%) and support staff (14%).
  • 17% of teaching staff say they use assistive technologies in their role but 24% of these say they are not provided with any support in their use.
  • Only 70% of teaching staff have access to reliable wifi.
  • The number of teaching staff who say they carry out digital teaching activities weekly or more often is low, with 23% using live polling or quizzing, 35% creating digital learning materials and 28% givinge personalised digital feedback.

Source: Digital experience insights survey 2019: findings from teaching staff in UK further education (FE).

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