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Technology for dyslexic learners

Digital Skills
Teaching and Learning Resources , Screening and Assessment , Dyslexia
Skills for Life Network

A useful web resource for Skills for Life teachers who would like to know more about the technology available to support dyslexic learners

The web site is managed by Iansyst Ltd., an organisation that specialises in computers and technology for people with learning difficulties and disabilities. The site will be of interest to those of us who would like to know more about how we can use technology to support our dyslexic learners. 

There’s a huge range of articles and info on the site – here are a few of the topics and articles you’ll find:

  • Product reviews and comparisons

  • How technology can support dyslexia and other difficulties, including information on integrating technology into the curriculum, resource centres, the workplace and other environments

  • Grants and funding for technology

  • Dyslexia Difficulties:Matching dyslexic difficulties to Information Technology

  • Fonts for Dyslexia: Which fonts are dyslexic-friendly?

  • Crazy English and Dyslexia: A collection of humorous poems and comments on the absurdities of English spelling and idiom.

  • IT help for the Workplace: An introduction to workplace issues for dyslexic employees and their employers with key technology outlined.

  • Copyright and visually impaired people

  • Forums and Mailing Lists: A list of useful dyslexia mailing lists, with instructions on how to join.

  • Links to relevant sites

  • Copyright and Dyslexia: Problems with existing UK copyright law as it affects dyslexic people

Click on the link opposite to visit the site.




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