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Although the programme is no longer being funded, you can still benefit from all the resources originally developed for the English My Way website from this padlet, curated by ESOL specialist Rachel Öner.

The English My Way content is divided into topics, with each topic having content to cover around 6 – 8 hours of learning. Topics are split into a number of sessions, each with detailed teachers notes and resources. The topics are designed to be delivered over 2 weeks if learners attend 4 hours worth of sessions a week, but you can deliver them at any pace that suits you – for example, over 1 week if learners attend 8 hours a week.

Topics inlude:

  • All about me: Greetings, ‘small talk’, e.g. weather, transport, directions
  • Employability: Jobs, workplaces, Job Centre, job search and at work
  • Healthcare: Chemist, doctor, healthy eating, well-being, hospital
  • Shopping:  Money, food/ household items, clothes

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Levels: Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2
Free: Yes
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