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Making Britain Literate

Making Britain Literate - Kevin Norley


The third editions of Making Britain Numerate and Making Britain Literate are now available. Both editions contain additional worked examples and resources which help support achievement of functional skills and GCSE, and can be used as self-study guides and/or in-class support. In each of the books, the focus of some of the resources is on engagement with contemporary social issues. The books are designed both to support learners directly and to support tutors in supporting their learners.

“The books contain a detailed analysis of the main issues surrounding the development of learners’ literacy, language and numeracy skills as well as a wide range of ideas, methods and up-to-date contextualised materials. The resources offer worked examples and a step by step guide through all areas required for achievement of functional skills maths and English (including numerous reading, writing, discussion and presentation exercises).”

Campaign for Learning (Learning at Work Day E-Newsletter, ‘Functional Skills: essential resources’, May 17th 2012)

The books focus on the areas of difficulty that many learners face with numeracy, literacy and language, and offer solutions in the form of a range of ideas, methods and resources to resolve those difficulties.

  • Offers a range of ideas and strategies for improving learners’ literacy and language skills.
  • Comes in the form of a workbook which contains a range of L1 and L2 literacy exercises (including spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar).
  • Considers (through examples and exercises) how tenses can be learnt in the context of comparing the use of one tense in relation to another.
  • Offers a critique of, and an alternative to, current initial and diagnostic assessments (paper or computer-based) in the form of L1 and L2 learning assessments together with a rationale for their use, and the answers.
  • Acts as a guide and support for tutors in developing their learners’ literacy and language skills.
  • Is divided into 2 sections, entitled, ‘How is English used today?’ and ‘English as an Additional Language (EAL), English for Speakers of Other Languages.’
  • Examines the effects of social class on language and learning.
  • Reflects on the theory and practice of learning English.
  • Was developed as a result of working with a wide range of learners from a wide range of backgrounds in a wide range of environments.
  • Is suitable for learners studying functional skills on work-based or college apprenticeship programmes.
  • Draws upon studies, from employers’ organisations and government bodies, detailing the effects of poor literacy skills upon individuals and employers.
  • Is rooted in a high level of expectations of students and tutors.
  • Took some inspiration from the literacy and ESOL subject specialist courses studied at Bedford College.
  • Features a range of very favourable reviews.
  • Reached the final of the people’s book prize for non-fiction in 2009/2010 (see www.peoplesbookprize.com)

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Lee Monks (Plain English Campaign)
Lee Monks (Plain English Campaign)
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I found Making Britain Literate an excellent, comprehensive and thought-provoking book. Crucially, it should be an extremely effective tool and a remedy for all kinds of entrenched malaise within our educational system. And it manages to combine rigour with accessibility and fun. It deserves great praise.
Newsletter No 70, Spring 2010, Campaign for Real Education
Newsletter No 70, Spring 2010, Campaign for Real Education
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Making Britain Literate and Making Britain Numerate by Kevin Norley cover key requirements for teaching basic literacy and numeracy. Suitable for professional teachers and homeschoolers, both books include helpful examples and exercises.
S Winch, Area Manager, East of England, VT Training, March 2009, Amazon.co.uk
S Winch, Area Manager, East of England, VT Training, March 2009, Amazon.co.uk
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This is a superb book which can be used as a study guide for anyone wishing to improve their own numeracy skills, or help someone else with theirs. I have used the book with many of my staff, and all have commented at how easy it is to grasp the concepts within it. All have shown improvements in their numeracy skills.
Caroline Omego (Luton Learning Centre, July '10)
Caroline Omego (Luton Learning Centre, July '10)
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I have recently finished a maths course at the Luton Learning Centre. There were 15 of us on the course, from all different parts of the world. Kevin showed us very clearly how to work with fractions and percentages, how to convert from one to the other, and how those conversions can be used to both better understand and solve problems including those involving scale and volume. His explanations were detailed, and he had high expectations of all of us. Needless to say, I achieved my L2 numeracy qualification.
Charity Marume (Bedford College, June '10)
Charity Marume (Bedford College, June '10)
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I needed a level 2 numeracy qualification in order to be accepted onto a BSc Social Work and Mental Health Nursing degree course, so I attended a numeracy workshop at the Skillsbank. The resources used and methods taught from 'Making Britain Numerate' were very straightforward and ideal for ensuring that I obtained my qualification quickly!
Philip Brooksby (Rushden Learning Centre, December '09)
Philip Brooksby (Rushden Learning Centre, December '09)
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I found the maths course at Rushden really motivating and enjoyable. I learnt some new approaches to solving problems, which otherwise I would have found quite difficult, and passed my level 2 maths.
Marilyn Laundon (Bedford College, June 2010)
Marilyn Laundon (Bedford College, June 2010)
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I recently passed both my L2 literacy and numeracy at Bedford College. I found the ideas contained in both Mr Norley's books really useful. I developed a better understanding of English (which is my second language), particularly with the grammar, which even helped me with my maths.
Levels: Level 2
Free: No

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