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We introduce the new Supermarket Stories series with Pam’s Secret by Margaret Adams, a new adult beginner reader with a comprehensive set of tutor resources on CD-ROM.

Supermarket assistant Pam shares her secret with a fellow worker. A tale of misplaced trust and broken hearts. The first story in the new Supermarket Stories series written by talented new writer and tutor, Margaret Adams and illustrated by Ian Bobb.

About Pam’s Secret 

  • “Both adult and teenage literacy students will love the Supermarket Stories. How refreshing it is to find a story that reflects adult experiences and feelings in a real-life work situation.” Maggie Harnew, owner of and basic skills lecturer at Abingdon and Witney College

  • “The story is like a soap… and a good means of motivating adult learners to read. It is fun and intriguing to keep them turning the pages!” Janet Desmond, SFL tutor for ACRES

A comprehensive set of tutor resources and student worksheets on CD-ROM support the reading book, mapped to the Adult Literacy Core Curriculum.

Pam's SecretThese tutor resources are presented in an easy-to-use eBook format which allows for quick navigation through the resources and the facility to produce high quality printed worksheets from a PDF. This eBook is also ideal for use with a smartboard.

  • “A stimulating range of activities comprising cloze and comprehension exercises, crosswords and word search, which will suit learners at Entry levels 1, 2 and 3. Each chapter can be used to practise specific learning aims.”

  • “They loved this too – and took it in turns to come to the board and write in answers with the smartboard pens.”

Order information

Pam’s Secret
Author: Margaret Adams
ISBN: 9781842310502
Price: £4.95

Pam’s Secret Tutor Resources CD-Rom
Author: Margaret Adams
ISBN: 9781842310557
Price: £29.31

A teaching pack comprising 6 copies of Pam’s Secret and 1 copy of Pam’s Secret Tutor Resources CD-ROM is available from Gatehouse Books at a special price of £54.56.

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Levels: Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2
Free: No
Book, CD Rom

Further Information

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