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Engaging learners using augmented reality

Becoming a Learning Technologist

Course Profile

Audience: Teacher

Free of Charge: Yes

Delivery: Online

This online CPD module, from the Enhance Digital Teaching Platform, will help you learn about the benefits and ways of using augmented reality (AR) with your learners.

Augmented Reality  superimposes media as an overlay when looked at through a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet. It gives overlaid information and detail on objects as they appear in the viewing screen.

AR provides an opportunity for a learner to look at a painting or building, object or street, and so on, through a device and then hear or see supplementary information describing or providing information on what is being looked at.

Location is important, as is the object the device is being pointed at because AR is rooted in the real world.

The module will help you explore how best to use AR as an aide to improve learning. Further exploration around how tutors can actually make AR overlays to enhance learning is also covered.

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