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The 5Rs approach to GCSE Maths resits

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The 5Rs revision year approach to GCSE Maths resits, which is funded by the Education Endowment Fund, aims to support students to improve their attainment. It consists of both a set lesson structure and lesson content, and three short initial diagnostic tests of nine underpinning mathematical skills.

The 5R’s is a structured format of five key components delivered during a one hour lesson, namely:

1. Recall (the 90 key maths facts)

2. Routine (to keep topics fresh)

3. Revise (one topic per lesson)

4. Repeat (key exam questions)

5. Ready (for the exam)

The programme content is built on the 40 most common topics in GCSE exams, and common exam pitfalls have been mapped and built into the scheme of work. The programme also introduces students to alternative methods for undertaking common but tricky calculations, such as multiplying numbers and adding fractions

Teachers receive an initial day’s training which outlines the method and the theory behind the approach and are expected to begin the lessons straightaway. This is followed by two catch-up days in each of the following terms. Delivery teams are supported through a secure website which hosts the Scheme of Work, lesson plans, full resources and a video collection of alternative methods as well as support through online contact forms.

The programme is being targeted at students re-taking GCSE Maths at sixth form colleges, school sixth forms or further education colleges, including private providers meeting certain criteria, with 40 settings in the intervention and 40 in the control group. The primary outcome will be GCSE Maths attainment, using standardised GCSE raw scores as well as GCSE pass rates. The trial will also measure impact on student attitudes towards math as a secondary outcome.

The evaluation report for the programme will be published in Summer 2021.

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