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Better Teaching Partnership Recruitment

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‘The Basic Skills Agency is delighted to be able to offer your organisation the opportunity to join one of our most successful Post 16 programmes, the Better Teaching Partnership.

This partnership programme is sharply focused on improving the key aspects of teaching and learning in literacy, language or numeracy which are most frequently identified by the inspectorates as areas in need of improvement. It has previously only been available to organisations with an ‘unsatisfactory’ inspection grade but is now being offered to Adult and Post 16 organisations who want to improve teaching and learning in basic skills and are keen to move from being simply ‘satisfactory’ to being ‘good’ or better. Please note that the partnership is currently only open to these organisations within England.

A ready-made package of training materials for Continuous Professional Development in teaching basic skills
We have developed 5 modules of staff development materials which are made available throughout the period of the partnership, for you to deliver flexibly to suit the needs of your own organisation. The materials are all closely aligned to the Common Inspection Framework and are practical, relevant to anyone teaching basic skills, and can have an immediate impact on classroom practice.

Each module of materials is accompanied by a detailed set of audit tools and supporting documents for use by quality or curriculum managers. They have been designed to enhance existing quality assurance processes and fit with the self-assessment cycle. They allow you to audit your practice and produce a detailed analysis of teaching and learning in literacy, language and numeracy across the whole organisation or within individual programme areas.

‘Continuous professional development is most effective when senior managers fully understand its potential for raising standards’ Ofsted July 2006

Becoming a member of the partnership doesn’t cost anything except in terms of your commitment to want to improve practice and the time involved in implementing the programme. As a member of Cohort 7 you will be asked to send two key people to an induction meeting on Module 1 in early June 2007, and they will receive briefings on up to 4 further modules of materials at subsequent meetings over the next year. Their task between the briefing meetings will be to carry out the audit and organise the delivery of the training modules as appropriate within your organisation.

If you put the learners’ experience at the heart of your self-assessment process and are committed to continuous quality improvement then this partnership is for you.

Further details about the Better Teaching Partnership, including Frequently Asked Questions, can be found on our website www.basic-skills.co.uk/btp.

If you would like to register an interest in joining or any further information please contact Jonathan Deacon at jonathand@basic-skills.co.uk. If your organisation is eligible to join the Partnership then the relevant application forms will be sent to you. Please note that the deadline for return of the completed forms to join Cohort 7 of the partnership is Friday 25th May 2007.

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