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Braille version practice tests

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Braille version practice tests

Your suggestions on how to obtain Braille version practice tests.

A Skills for Life Network member from Royal Forest of Dean College would like to know where she can find Braille version practice tests for a learner who is undertaking her Level 2 adult literacy certificate. Alternatively, she would like to know if there is any way the practice tests could be translated into Braille. We flagged this request in the e-news update – here are your suggestions, with thanks!

“Re. Braille version practice tests: I don’t know if this will be of help but we have a Braille printer here at the college which will print things in a word document. My understanding is that things which are translated into Braille cannot be in tabular form (as the tests are). It might be worth having a go though. I’ll talk to Gerry in reprographics here and see if it can be done.”
Graham Harrop, RCAT Rotherham

“It might be worth considering using the prisons Braille facilities to get the practice papers converted into Braille version practice tests. HMP Full Sutton near York and HMP Moorland, near Doncaster, both offer these facilities. Contact the Head of Learning and Skills at either prison for further information.”
Margaret Westwood, HMP Everthorpe

“Re Braille paper try contacting the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford Tel 01432 265725.”
Jude Piotrowska, Hereford PCT

“We used the institute for the blind and asked them to transfer test papers into braille for us.”
Christine Garland, Guildford College

“Re. the enquiry from Forest of Dean College about converting practice tests to Braille, I have heard of (but not used) a free solution called Robobraille. They could try downloading the practice tests and emailing them to Robobraille at They would still need a Braille Printer of course, or the RNIB might be able to tell them who might have one locally.”
Alison Trimble, E-learning Trainer

“Perhaps the RNIB may be able to assist if it is allowed by the exam board.”
Sally Ahmed, Freelance ESOL teacher

“Re. Braille Braille version practice tests: RNIB College at Loughborough offer a very good adaptation and transcription service and would transcribe papers into braille.”
Dee Sheehan, Bridge College

“Re. the braille enquiry from the Forest Of Dean College person: I asked my manager, Sue Sharkey, and she wrote the following, which may be of help. She was happy for me to pass on her contact details if the enquirer wants more info – ‘It is very difficult due to the pictures that are used to complement the text, I have had the initial assessment converted to Braille version practice tests but as yet have not tried it out on a student.”
Kate Williams, Bournemouth & Poole College

“Re the Braille version practice tests – has the tutor tried her local authority. Ours has a transcription service (based at the library) which can transcribe into braille, large print, audio and tactile images. Perhaps we’re just lucky but its worth a try.”
Marion Stevens, Kirklees MC

“There’s an article on the Skills for Life Network website about the ‘RoboBraille’ Service at (type braille into the search box to find the full article). Briefly, the service was funded with 560,000 pounds from the European Commission, and is run by an international consortium led by the Danish national body for young people and children with impaired vision, ‘Organisation Synscenter Refsnaes’. Users, who do not need to register, send in documents as email attachments in Word, rich text, html or plain text formats. A specialist piece of software translates the documents into contracted Braille or mp3 files in up to five languages. Documents are returned electronically and must then be rendered on a Braille embosser or displayed on a Braille display, where a Braille format is requested. Worth checking out!”
Barbara Zealley, Skills for Life Network

“Just to let you know re: Turning Practice Papers into Braille – we have a Braille workshop that will turn books etc into Braille or Large Print that has all the equipment. Contact Mr White, Braille Instructor at HMP/YOI Moorland Closed.”
Zahda Qayyum, HMP/YOI Moorland Closed

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