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A checklist for Level 4 Subject Specialist programmes

Professional Development
Skills for Life Network

A round up of information and downloadable materials to support teacher trainers

We’ve put together a quick checklist for teacher trainers involved in planning and delivering the Level 4 Subject Specialist programmes for teachers of Adult Literacy, Numeracy and ESOL. We’ve also attached some relevant downloads that you may find useful. Here goes:

What will we need in terms of:

Staff qualifications?

Check out the guidelines at


And resources?

Check out the modules on the Skills for Life Quality Initiative web site. Go to

With support from LSC Tees Valley, the University of Teesside has developed a Skills for Life resource collection, accessible to everyone on a reference basis. The Collection catalogue, which lists all the resources (paper, ICT and technology based) may be of use to Providers wishing to set up a resource bank for L4 students. You can find the catalogue in the downloads section on the right. 

Where can we find out about APEL guidelines?


I understand that many Providers are now offering or considering offering Bridging programmes to support people wishing to access the Level 4 Subject Specialist qualifications, and who feel they may have skills and knowledge gaps to address before embarking on the L4 programme. What do these programmes usually involve?

See the related article on Bridging programmes at the University of Teesside for an example of overview of how bridging programmes are being approached. Many Providers are also offering ‘taster’ sessions for prospective Level 4 students. Go to downloads to find some sample materials that you may like to use to develop these sessions. The materials focus on the personal literacy and numeracy skills elements of L4 Literacy and Numeracy programmes. Similar activites could easily be devised for the ESOL specialism.


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