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Debates Conference 2005

Skills for Life Network

A conference that aims to encourage discussion about current issues relevant to basic skills practice

Monday 30th January 2006, 10.30am – 3.30pm
Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London SW1
In partnership with the National Literacy Trust

‘ The idea of the Debates Conference is to encourage discussion about current issues relevant to basic skills practice. We want to present the audience with different ways of looking at things in the context of raising standards of basic skills. The debates will be on issues relevant to all sectors, from Early Years to adults. Each debate will feature two ´debaters´ arguing the case for and against a statement. Each debater will outline their case and will then call ´witnesses´ to give evidence to support their view. The audience will have ´voting buttons´ and will have the chance to vote before and after the debates – so we can see if our debaters and their witnesses are successful in changing opinions!”

The conference is free. Click here for further information. Places are likely to be limited. ‘


Source: BSA

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