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Gatehouse Books – new readers for Adult Literacy & ESOL

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Gatehouse Books – new readers for Adult Literacy & ESOL

The Liz and Joe Series is a collection of reading books for new readers, and particularly suitable for ESOL learners. Developed by Jennie Cole for adults who are learning English as a second language, these short stories, illustrated with colour photographs and presented in a comic book style, are a fun way to build vocabulary around daily life. Aimed at Entry level 1 and 2 ESOL learners, the series is popular with students, who enjoy following the same characters, seeing different aspects of their lives and comparing everyday situations with their own. The 8 titles in the series are: 

Joe’s Surprise;  Liz and Joe Have a Day Out;  Liz Gets a Gas Bill;  The Missing Cat;  Liz and Joe Go on Holiday;  Liz Turns 50;  Liz Goes to the Hairdressers;  Joe Buys a New Jumper.

Individually priced at £5.25, you can buy the full set of 8 books for only £40.00 

We are pleased to offer 10% discount to Skills for Life Network members on orders placed on our website. Just quote voucher code SFL10 at the checkout.

“As a Librarian, it is great to find some reading books that are aimed at entry level adult students, with pictures to help tell the story, along with engaging and humorous plotlines.”

Susanna Carter 

“I use the Liz and Joe books with my adult learners. They love reading about the characters and find them funny. The photos make for a realistic read, allowing my learners to identify with the characters.”  

Mark Hanson 

“I love how colourful your books are. English is my second language, so I have a bit of personal interest in library ESOL resources. I understand when a person’s vocabulary is limited, the pictures become more important as a way of making sense of the story. Your books get the learner involved and able to absorb the vocabulary by the use of such lively images.”

Iwona Cieniuch, Library Facilitator  

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