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Introduction to the PLUS Strategy

Skills for Life Network

The PLUS strategy aims to raise significantly the literacy and numeracy levels of children and young people in order to prevent crime

The PLUS strategy is an integral part of the DfES Skills for Life strategy and is a partnership between the Youth Justice Board, DfES and Arts Council England. It delivers:

high-quality paper and ICT-based resources that are accessible and engaging for learners and relevant for teaching staff; enrichment materials for use by any practitioner in the youth justice system

Learning and development
training/staff development programmes to support all relevant staff in the implementation of the PLUS strategy

Information and advice
assisting managers to plan and review the effectiveness of their implementation of PLUS within secure and community settings to implement PLUS fully and effectively throughout the DTO, in ISSP and preventative programmes

Research and evaluation
development of the evidence base through continuous assessment of the effectiveness of approaches to teaching, learning resources, interventions and learning and development programmes

Promotion and advocacy
encouraging a clearer understanding of issues relating to basic skills, reoffending, participation and progression

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Source: Youth Justice Board

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