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New BBC series – a useful resource for teaching literacy

Teaching and Learning Resources , Literacy
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Balderdash & Piffle explores the stories behind some of the words and phrases we use every day

Join the Word Hunt

The programmes will be broadcast on BBC2 at the following dates and times:

2 January 2006, 9pm
9 January 2006, 9pm
16 January 2006, 9pm
23 January 2006, 9pm
30 January 2006, 9pm
6 February 2006, 9pm


For 48 hours after each programme you can look up any words, beginning with any letter, in the whole of the Oxford English Dictionary online.


Visit the web page linked to the programme to take part in the Word Hunt – help look for the earliest printed references of words and phrases.


There are links to other sites connected with words – dictionaries, etymological quiz, interactive activities and BBC programmes on the English language.


These are all useful resources for teaching speaking and listening, reading and writing, particularly at Level 1 and 2.

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