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New Materials for Embedded Learning

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Further files now available with associated launch events

As part of the Skills for Life national strategy for improving literacy and numeracy skills, the Skills for Life Strategy Unit has commissioned a consortium led by CfBT to produce materials for embedded learning in a range of vocational, professional and community settings.

In addition to the eleven files already published, the following materials, with reference codes in brackets, are now available to order: –

  • Painting operations (embedded/PA)
  • Production line manufacturing (embedded/PL)
  • Cleaning (embedded/CL)
  • Skills for Construction (embedded/CO)
  • Food Hygiene (embedded/FO)
  • Health and Safety – with manual handling (embedded/HS)
  • ICT (embedded/ICT)
  • First Aid (embedded/FA)
  • Effective communication for international nurses Modules 3-6 (embedded/NU/3-6)


How to access the materials

The materials have been published as teacher reference files, with photocopiable black and white versions of the learner pages at the back of each file. If you wish to order a free paper-based version of a teacher reference file for your organisation, please contact DfES Publications on 0845 60 222 60, dfes@prolog.uk.com , quoting the codes above. Alternatively, on-line PDF and Word versions of the materials can be accessed through the DfES Embedded Learning portal.

The following materials are due for publication in Spring 2006:

  • Early years
  • Hairdressing
  • Transport
  • Family life: the growing child
  • Family life: focus on parenting
  • Community skills

Success for All resources
Where Skills for Life materials have been developed for the same vocational area as the Success for All resources, e.g. construction, then the materials have been designed to complement each other. Click here to find out more.

Launch events

The aim of the launch events is to provide participants with a greater understanding of both the structure and content of the materials. They are suitable for teachers and managers from vocational and community-based and Skills for Life backgrounds. It may be advantageous if Skills for Life and vocational/community-based teachers attend together. The locations and dates for 2005 are:

  • Leeds, 23 November
  • Coventry, 24 November
  • London, 29 November
  • Bristol, 30 November


To book a place phone 0118 902 1065, Mon-Friday between 10am-4pm

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