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PDNet Yorkshire and the Humber

Professional and Development Network Yorkshire and the Humber (PD Net)

PD Net provides professional development opportunities for all those working with the Skills for Life Agenda.

PD Net evolved from a very successful three year ‘Tooled Up for Basic Skills’ initiative, supported by VC Train, Yorkshire Forward and the Learning and Skills Council. It developed the capacity and capability of large numbers of voluntary and community sector groups to deliver and plan adult basic skills provision which progressively led to work with recognised target groups across the sub-region.

PD Net has emerged from this activity to embrace the wider Skills for Life agenda in Yorkshire and teh Humber. Linked closely to the Skills for Life Improvement Programme and regional activities, it takes a lead nationally in the development of sustainable professional and development work for everyone involved in delivering and supporting Skills for Life.

PD Net is funded by Yorkshire Forward through Single Pot and supported by the Learning and Skills Council via the Local Intervention Development Fund.

Target Groups

The main purpose of PD Net is to:

  • Support providers and their staff to attain the Skills for Life learner achievement targets within the local learning framework
  • Develop the number of practitioners and trainers who are able to deliver, promote and support Skills for Life across Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning of Skills for Life through a programme of continuous professional development and promotion and development of the new national teacher training framework
  • Provide a co-ordinated approach to information, advice and support for local providers, learners and employer organisations on basic skills policy development

Programme Design and Delivery

PD Net:

  • Organises and maintains a network of practitioners and providers throughout South Yorkshire to plan, write and deliver curriculum materials
  • Supports and shares best practice amongst a wide provider network, including Further Education, Work Based Learning and the Voluntary and Community sector
  • Supports the delivery of the new qualification framework focusing on Levels 2, 3 and 4
  • Improves teaching and learning by developing good practice through quality training in broad aspects of curriculum delivery and process and offers flexible 30 hour training packages.
  • Increases the number of those able to deliver the new qualifications through a rigorous programme of professional training and work shadowing at Levels 2, 3 and 4
  • Develops and maintains the South Yorkshire Skills for Life Resource Centres to provide up-to-date, easily accessible materials and software which innovate and motivate Skills for Life teaching

Further Information

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