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Practice Development Groups #FEMidlandsETF

The Education and Training Foundation has commissioned touchconsulting Ltd to establish Practice Development Groups (PDGs) in the East and West Midlands. The PDGs will consist of action learning sets of practitioners who will work together on a short-term, small-scale project to enhance the teaching of English or the embedding of maths or English into a programme area.

#FEMidlandsETF is launching in October 2020 (with another round starting in January 2021) and touchconsulting have appointed eight Group Facilitators in each region over the lifetime of the project.

Join a PDG

Touchconsulting are looking for practitioners who want to join a PDG, especially if you’ve got an interest in maths and English development and sharing with others outside your organisation. These are likely to be virtual events, so you won’t have to travel!

PDGs will run on a variety of themes, as follows:

  • East Midlands – English: Modelling in English – possible ACL focus
  • East Midlands – English: Non-written methods of digital feedback to help improve written English
  • East Midlands – English: Digital Storytelling for engagement and development of communication and digital skills
  • West Midlands – ESOL: Sharing good practice for ESOL teaching and learning in changing climates
  • West Midlands – Making English/maths vocationally relevant & Improving online attendance
  • West Midlands – Blended/online English & maths curriculum

How to join

Applications are now open and you can find full details here.

Recruitment will be ongoing till the end of October, so don’t worry if you couldn’t make the launch event – you can just register your interest and touchconsulting will get back to you.

Got a query?

If  you have any queries, please email

Further Information

No further information

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