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Supporting dyslexic learners in different contexts

Teacher Training , Professional Development , Dyslexia
Skills for Life Network

More information on this free training programme

This interactive PC-based distance learning course is now in its second year. It provides participants with a general awareness of dyslexia and gives them practical advice and strategies to support dyslexic learners in their teaching or supporting role.

– Flexible programme, designed to fit around busy schedules
– Practical advice and information to help you provide a better learning experience for your dyslexic learners
– A valuable resource for dyslexia information

Who is it for?
Skills for Life teachers and support staff from a range of settings, for example:
– Further education
– Adult and community
– Offender
– Workplace settings,
who have not previously received training to work with dyslexic learners.

What’s the time commitment?
The programme is in two parts:
Part 1 – A face-to-face awareness-raising training day, 9.30 am-4.00 pm, where you will meet your supporting tutor, who will introduce you to the materials and provide you with an underpinning understanding of dyslexia
Part 2 – A 12 week, tutor supported, distance learning course, delivered on CD-ROM and internet, that will offer practical advice, support strategies and a large number of additional resources. You can choose to complete activities for up to 8 modules from a possible 26 (expected 2 – 3 hours per module). A certificate will be awarded for the completion of these distance learning modules.

What are the requirements?
To get the most from this course you will require access to a PC, email and preferably the internet, and have basic IT skills in the use of word-processing and email.

Where are the courses and when will the programme be available?
From September to December 2006 part 1 of the course will be delivered at either:
– Selected local venues throughout England or
– Within your own organisation (a minimum of 12 suitable staff required)

Funded by the Quality Improvement Agency the course is free of charge.

How to apply
Register your interest now by visiting our website at
If you have any further queries please contact us at


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