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Train to Gain builds on the success of the Employer Training Pilots

‘A scheme which has already benefited more than a quarter of a million learners and 27,000 employers will be rolled out by the LSC from April under the banner of Train to Gain.


The national employer training programme will be rolled out from April, building on the success of Employer Training Pilots (ETPs). Initially, Train to Gain will be launched in 20 ETP areas. The ETP pilots have reached many of the smaller employers that are statistically less likely to provide training for their employees, 68 per cent of employers involved have fewer than 50 employees.


An Employer’s Guide to Training Providers, available from each local LSC, will become an integral part of Train to Gain, acting as a key resource to help employers and skills brokers identify the colleges or other training providers that will most effectively meet their needs in their area.

Skills brokers will use the guide to signpost employers to LSC-funded provision, as well as review all levels of training that an organisation needs. Providers need to ensure its accuracy or risk missing the opportunity to attract employer-funded learners and demonstrate their
responsiveness to employer demand. The employer’s guide will be further developed over the coming months, with a pilot in the South West to
introduce an employer feedback element. Employers will be able to use the guide to rate different training, highlighting to others the provision they found valuable. If successful, it will be available nationally by the end of 2006.

Colleges and training providers should click here to view the Employer’s Guide to Training Providers to ensure their details in the guide are accurate, using the ‘Information for Training Providers’ button.’


Source: LSC

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