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Yes We Can Read is a finalist in the annual People’s Book Prize – vote now!

ESOL , English
Phonics , Beginner readers
Literacy and ESOL Readers from Gatehouse Books

Yes We Can Read is a one-to-one phonics-based programme to develop reading for meaning, designed for learners aged from 8 to 80, from Gatehouse Books.

Yes We Can read is a Finalist in The Annual People’s Book Prize, and we need all the votes we can get to spread the word about Yes We Can Read and ‘Each one teach one’, our mission to get everyone who can read to teach someone who can’t. Voting closes on 20th July when the award ceremony takes place in London.

You can vote again even if you voted for us in the Autumn.

16 year old Alex Boyne from Brighton was so inspired by Yes We Can Read that he wanted to do something practical to support our bid. Having just completed his GCSEs he set about creating  ashort video which explains how to vote


Yes We Can Read

One-to-one reading scheme for learners aged from 8 to 80

  • Yes We Can Read is a fun phonics-based programme to develop Reading for Meaning
  • A fully guided programme which enables anyone who can read fluently to teach a non-reader or poor reader to read in six months or less
  • One to one is the key!
  • Ideal for learners with Dyslexia

Yes We Can Read is being used successfully in adult learning and community education; in hostels; in prisons and YOI’s; in the workplace; by one spouse teaching the other at home; in primary and secondary schools; by parents teaching their children at home; and by an 11-year old child teaching his father to read! Yes We Can Read is an ideal tool for use by volunteers and the third sector and has already inspired the creation of new community volunteer reading groups.

For more information, please visit our website

‘Every time we turn a page, I understand more about the genius of Yes We Can Read. The big plus is that it makes learning to read fun. Unshackled by the straitjacket of any strict grid system, Coach and Learner have more opportunity to take control of the learning and easily adapt it to suit the learner’s needs.’ Julie Carthy, Adult Education Tutor

‘This book will appeal to anyone who wants to learn to read or help someone else to read in a way which will not make the learner feel belittled, stupid or babyish. It is presented in a simple, but effective format which is structured to deliver success and to minimise and address errors.
Book Review – SEN Magazine Issue 49 Nov-Dec 2010

‘Patrick is 72 and the phonic alphabet is a revelation to him. He loves Yes We Can Read and described it as ‘his bible’. He tries to read the local paper at home with Yes We Can Read open on the picture page to help him.’

‘Michael and I have just finished our first Yes We Can Read session which went really well. Michael was learning from page one and he engaged with the book straight away. At the end of the session he said that he had enjoyed it and he had butterflies in his stomach because he was excited about the next session. I found the material very user friendly and the session as enjoyable as Michael did.’
Rob Frier, The Passage – supporting Rough Sleepers and homeless people. Michael is now half-way through the programme and looking forward to becoming a Yes We Can Read Coach.

‘P was really chuffed to get his book. He feels the phonic alphabet is key to everything and is looking forward to practising it on his own. He’s doing really well. Have to say I’m finding it really interesting and quite exciting observing how the book works and the effect on the reader as things develop.’
Vicky, Coach

‘Yes We Can Read is a very useful tool to engage and motivate young people and adults into developing their reading skills in a supportive way.’
Vicky Duckworth, Senior Lecturer & Course Leader full-time PCET, Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University

‘Yes We Can Read is thoughtful and systematic. It is motivating and soundly based on words having meaning.’
Sue Partridge, Unravelling Reading

‘A great addition to the educational books resources library. Here is a very original means to spread literacy amongst all those who have found difficulty in reading… for whatever reason. Its great feature, and highly original one, is to allow ANY adult who can read to become a teacher to those who cannot. This is a universal benefit not to be found in similar schemes. Brilliant!’
Voter, The People’s Book Prize

Order information
Yes We Can Read
Author: Libby Coleman & Nick Ainley
ISBN: 9781842310755
Price: £35.00
Online orders will include a FREE Eye Level Reading Ruler (while stocks last) designed to aid learners with dyslexia, ADD and ADHD, scotopic sensitivity and other special needs.

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