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LC Education & Training Ltd


LC Education & Training Ltd was established in 2015 and focuses on providing specialist training in workplace skills to enable people to be confident, efficient and effective in the workplace.

We recognise how important English and maths skills are in being successful in the workplace or when undertaking further study. Our main aim is to provide high quality resources to support students in passing their exams as well as learning essential skills they will use in their personal and professional lives.

Functional skills resources

We realise that most Functional Skills tutors spend a great deal of time creating their own resources and trawling through the internet because exactly what they want isn’t out there.

Our Functional Skills Resources website has been put together so that everything you want for teaching a session, whether face to face, via the internet or through distance learning is accessible in one place for one price.

We have built up our range of resources to over three hundred. Based on feedback from customers, we have concentrated on increasing our offer of Entry level resources. There is a growing demand for purpose built materials for learners at these levels.

We are excited to be offering industry specific care resources and feel they would be invaluable to those in the sector. We have a range of new Powerpoints for both maths and English as this is what customers have told us they like.

Customer feedback is vital to us and we are keen to have discussions with tutors, Managers and advisors on their views on what materials they would like us to develop.

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Downloadable functional skills resources

Downloadable functional skills resources

The Functional Skills Resources subscription website has hit a landmark figure of 300 unique resources available for you to download and use with your learners.

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Functional Skills Maths

Functional Skills Maths

LC Education have resources for all the main topics from Entry 2 to Level 2 to support functional skills maths teaching and learning.

Functional skills English

Functional Skills English

LC Education & Training Ltd have resources for all the main topics of reading and writing from Entry 2 to Level 2 to support functional skills English teaching and learning.