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How To Write ESOL Materials

How To Write ESOL Materials


How to Write ESOL Materials by Kathryn Aldridge-Morris will be relevant to ESOL practitioners working with refugees and migrants in all English speaking countries.

There are activities and commentaries on developing resources for mainstream ESOL classes, ESOL museum resources, resources to support voluntary one-to-one ESOL sessions and prison ESOL. There are also sections on how to design online resources for learners with emerging digital literacies, and on creating materials that are inclusive.

It’s an informal and practical guide to materials development that uses case studies, anecdotes and interviews with practitioners, as well as academic research, to suggest a plethora of creative ideas for writing materials for publication, and for the classroom. Along the way you’ll discover nuggets of information, such as what it means to be ‘ghosted’ in prison, how women ward off post-natal depression in traditional Palestinian culture and how you should respond if a Brazilian gives you a ‘yellow smile’.

The e-book is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and iBooks.

All royalties are being donated to the Refugee Council.

Levels: Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Level 1, Level 2
Free: No
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