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Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework

Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework


The Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework for Literacy and Numeracy is available online.

Please note this is a revised version of a legacy article from 2005. You can, however, still access the resources and curriculum framework via the links given below.

Interactive Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework

An electronic version of the Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework for Literacy and Numeracy can be found here.

This interactive website was designed to enable teachers to search and explore the pre-entry curriculum framework, then save, store and/or print relevant sections in the notebook facility for use in learning plans, schemes of work or lesson plans. The site was developed in 2005 to support the national Skills for Life Strategy. Fnd out more and to access legacy materials from the ReadWritePlus website.

Project looking at helping Pre-Entry level learners to use ICT to help them learn more autonomously

“The Portland Partnership is an ESF-funded project consisting of 9 domestic partners made up of a specialist college, universities, FE colleges, a consultancy firm and a software authoring company. The project came into being through the Equal initiative, and will run until May 2005.

General Aims: To enable Pre-Entry level learners to use ICT to help them learn more autonomously, and thus offer a more meaningful way for them to develop, practise and demonstrate their acquisition of basic/essential skills. To build on the foundations of the CTAD product Target Skills in order to produce a package of accessible ICT based materials in basic skills/essential skills for Pre-Entry level learners.”

Pre-Entry Literacy and Numeracy units

National Open College Network developed Pre-Entry Literacy and Numeracy units as part of its Essential Skills suite.

“NOCN Essential Skills forms an important part of the Credit and Qualification Framework. The Pre-Entry Literacy and Numeracy units are mapped against the Adult Pre-Entry Curriculum Framework milestones. The Essential Skills suite contains:

  • NOCN Entry Level Certificates in Adult Literacy and Numeracy qualifications
  • NOCN Level 1 and Level 2 units, which support progression towards NOCN National Qualifications in Literacy and Numeracy
  • The NOCN Level 1 and Level 2 Certificates in Adult Literacy and Numeracy
  • Guidance on how to access on-line versions of the National Literacy and Numeracy Tests”

DfES Learning for Living project

This project aimed to Developing access to Skills for Life for adults with learning difficulties and/or disabilities.

“The aim of this project is to develop guidance material with and for staff working with learners with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. The project aims to work with staff across a variety of contexts, such as the community, colleges,
prisons, care settings and the workplace. The learners we aim to work with for this project have been identified as learners with:

  • profound, complex and challenging behaviour
  • mental health difficulties
  • dyslexia
  • physical disabilities
  • sensory disabilities – visual and hearing
  • acquired disabilities – head injury
  • chronic fatigue
  • autistic spectrum disorder

Areas covered include: Pre-Entry and Entry,Working with Offenders, Teacher Training, Access for All Families, ESOL Access for All, ESOL Learners with Learning Difficulties, Pathfinder projects and Access to Employment.

Continuing Professional Development Modules

“Accreditation routes for the Pre-entry Curriculum Framework modules at all three levels have yet to be confirmed, but materials have been mapped against the Certificate for Adult Learner Support at level 2, and the personal skills aspects of the subject specifications at levels 3 and 4.  The materials will be made available on the Skills for Life Quality Initiative website.”

Levels: Pre-entry
Free: Yes

Further Information

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